Event Details

The information below applies to Sunday 30th May on Stapeley / Rorrington.

Courses and Entry

There will be 8 courses.

Due to Covid restrictions and commitments to the Landowners we are limiting the number of competitors to 350.

Entry is pre-entry only via Fabian4. There will be No Entry on the Day.

As this event incorporates the Midland Area Championships, entry will be by Age Class and restricted to BOF members.

The table below shows the mapping of Age Classes to the Courses.

The Midlands Area Championships are only open to members of the clubs within the West Midlands, East Midlands and East Anglian Orienteering Associations. Initially Fabian4 will give preference to members of these clubs.

The intention now is for Entries to open on Fabian4 to members of these clubs on or about 30th April. Then, subject to the limit of 350 entrants not having been reached, entries to the event will then be open to BOF members of any club from 10th May.

To be eligible to win one of the Midlands Area Championship trophies you must be a member of British Orienteering, registered via one of the clubs which are part of the WMOA, EMOA or EAOA and enter your appropriate L/A Age Class.

Men’s ClassesWomen’s ClassesCourseNominal
M20L, M21L, M35L, M40L1Brown
M18L, M45L, M50L, M55L
M20S, M21S, M35S, M40S
W18L, W20L, W21L, W35L2Blue
M16A, M60L, M65L
M18S, M45S, M50S, M55S
W16A, W40L, W45L, W50L, W55L
W18S, W20S, W21S, W35S
M70L, M75L, M80L, M85L, M90
M60S, M65S
W60L, W65L, W70L, W75L, W80L, W85L, W90
W40S, W45S, W50S, W55S
4Short Green
5Light Green
M14B, M70S, M75S, M80S, M85S
W14B, W60S, W65S, W70S, W75S, W80S, W85S


Punching will be SI. Controls will be SIAC enabled. SI cards are available for hire. These will be standard SI cards not SIAC.


When you enter on Fabian4 you will be able to state your preference for a start time window.

Start times will then be published on Fabian4 in the week prior to the event.


Parking will be in a farmer’s field.


Dogs will not be permitted on the competition area.

Dogs will be permitted in the car parking field but must be on a lead at all times and owners must clear up any mess their dog creates.


Toilets will be provided in the car parking area.


We will not be in a position to provide any catering facilities.


Unfortunately we will not be able to provide a Stringcourse on the day.

Social Distancing

To reduce the possibility of participants congregating in one place:-

Results will not be displayed on the day.

Club tents must not be used at the event.

There will not be a presentation ceremony for the Midland Area Championship Trophy winners.

3 Days of Orienteering in Beautiful Shropshire