Final Details

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CHECK YOUR ENTRY NOW: After the closing date (2359 on 21st May) Fabian will charge you £3 should you wish to change your entry details.  So, to avoid an almighty rush at our on-the-day registration desk, we too will charge you £3 if you wish to change your details at the events!  With over 600 runners already confirmed spare time slots may be difficult to find on some courses.  So please let Fabian know NOW – all Fabian amendments are free until midnight on Sunday 21st May – about any changes you wish to make before the system allocates the time you originally asked for!  You have a choice of V Early, Early, Middle, Late, V Late or Any for all three events.

Please also check that you have entered the correct course as the Fabian Start List has, for example, an M45 and an M60 on the M21 course, An M35 on the M21S course and a W45 on the M45S course.

Road Access: Please respect other road users and residents in and around the competition areas to ensure we will be welcomed back in future.

Parking: Car parking must be at the marshals’ instructions.

Please care share wherever possible particularly for Nash Woods where the parking will be tight.

Traders in the Assembly areas: UltraSport, O-Nosh, Podium Catering on all three days. CompassPoint on Saturday and Sunday

Toilets: Spacemobiles will provide toilets at all assembly areas.  There will not be toilets at the Starts

Registration: Enquiries, Registration, SI card hire and download located at each day’s assembly area.

Entry on the Day: Available each day for all courses subject to map availability.  Entry is by Age class, Long or Short or Colour Coded – White, Yellow, or Orange.  Adults running White, Yellow or Orange will be charged at the junior rate.  All EOD courses will be at late entry (post 21st May) prices.

Electronic punching: SportIdent equipment is being used on all days, and all courses.  SI cards are available for hire at £1 for the weekend.  Those of you who have pre-booked SI cards can collect them within the assembly area within the marquee.  Should you lose your SI card, or fail to return it, you will be charged the full price of a replacement (currently £40).  You are advised to bring some twine or very thin cord to make a wrist loop for your SI card.

Start procedure: You will be allocated a start time which will be checked off against a start list.  Late starters, helpers and split starts will be fitted in at the discretion of the officials.  A punching start will operate with a 3-minute call up.  It is your responsibility to ensure you pick up the correct map and please make sure you only pick one up.

Split Starts: These will be available for EOD.  Pre entered families should have pre-booked their split times.

Whistles: These are compulsory at all WMOA events and will be checked at the start.  Failure to comply with the whistle requirement will result in you not being allowed to run.

Maps: All maps are printed on waterproof paper. They will not be bagged. All courses are at 1:10,000.with 5m contours.

Long Mynd and Nash Woods maps are A4 or marginally bigger. Brampton Bryan maps are A3.

Loose description sheets will be available in the start lanes.

Maps will not be collected at the finish but please do not show your map to other competitors who have yet to run.

White and Yellow Maps: These maps will be made available to young and inexperienced orienteers before they step into the start box.  The Start team will be able to help if needed.

OOB areas:  as indicated on the map.

Control Descriptions: These will be provided in the Start lane.  Courses 1 to 13 will be pictorial.  Courses 14 and 15 will use text descriptions.

Note the use of the ‘charcoal burning ground’ symbol of an open triangle in a circle on the control descriptions for controls on platforms.

Shadowing Juniors: Juniors may be shadowed. To remain competitive, any adult who shadows a junior must have completed their run beforehand.

Control Sites: All control sites will be marked with a conventional kite.  The SI unit will be mounted on top of a stake with the control number clearly visible.  If you discover you have punched the wrong control, ignore the mistake and continue to the correct control. Similarly if you punch out of sequence, the error will be ignored providing you go back and subsequently re-punch in the correct sequence. Each control site will have a manual punch in line with BOF Guidelines.

SI Download: After punching the finish control you must download as soon as possible.  Hired SI cards will be collected from you at the end of your hire period.

Results: These will be displayed in the assembly area for each day.  The SINS web site will have the previous days’ results.

First Aid: Members of WRE and HOC who have completed the Outdoor First Aid course.

Hospitals. The nearest full emergency hospital for Day 1 at the Long Mynd is Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XQ and it is signed from the A5/A49 junction.  There is a hospital car park with a parking fee payable.  Kidderminster hospital can also deal with minor injuries.

The nearest full emergency hospital for Days 2 and 3 at Nash Woods and Brampton Bryan is The County Hospital, Hereford HR1 2BN and this is signed from the A438 Hereford Inner Ring Road. There is a hospital car park with a parking fee payable.

A “Hospital” sheet will be available with addresses, phone numbers and route maps for each hospital.  Collect one if needed from the First Aid point.

Clothing:  All competitors must have full leg cover as per BOF rules.  In the event of bad weather competitors may be required to carry a cagoule.  If required a “Cagoules Compulsory” notice will be displayed on the way to the start leaving the assembly field.  Failure to comply with any of the clothing requirements will result in you not being allowed to run.

Safety: Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave car keys (or some treasured object) suitably labelled, or enveloped, with your name at Enquiries.  All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.    

Please be careful of steep slopes, slippery bluebells and barbed wire on some of the courses. While we have carried out full risk assessments of the competition areas, and put in place any mitigation of the risks we found, please be aware that you take part at your own risk.  

This is sheep country and ticks could be present. Check over your whole body after competing and again over the next few days. Pick off unattached ticks by hand. Any biting ticks should be carefully removed with tweezers or a tick removing tool. If any bites become inflamed obtain medical advice. Tick bites could be a source of Lyme Disease.

Club tents:   There is plenty of room for tents in the assembly areas but please do not pitch them underneath ancient trees at Brampton Bryan as there is a danger of falling branches.  Please also do not obstruct any public footpaths or bridleways which may run through the assembly and finish areas.

String Courses: There will be coloured wrist bands (Orange, Green and Yellow for Days 1, 2 and 3 respectively) for those successfully completing the String course.  Come and collect the set!

Course details

  Distance (k) Climb (m) Distance (k) Climb (m) Distance (k) Climb (m) “Colour” M age class W age class
1 8.2 360 8.0 400 10.1 340 Black M21  
2 7.9 385 7.1 295 8.7 235 Brown M35, M40  
3 6.8 185 6.2 300 7.3 225 Short Brown M18, M20, M21S, M45, M50 W21
4 6.0 230 5.6 205 5.8 190 Blue M16, M35S, M40S, M55, M60 W35, W40
6 5.4 225 5.0 220 5.1 105 Short Blue M18S, M20S M45S, M50S, M65 W18, W20,W21S, W45, W50
8 4.8 170 4.5 165 4.6 100 Green M55S, M60S, M70  
9 4.6 170 4.4 170 4.6 110 Green   W16, W35S, W40S, W55, W60
10 3.6 125 3.8 170 3.4 85 Short Green M65S,  M75, M80, M85 W18S, W20S, W45S, W50S, W65, W70
11 3.0 110 3.4 150 3.0 35 V Short Green M70S, M75S, M80S, M85S W55S, W60S, W65S, W70S, W75, W75S, W80, W80S, W85
12 3.2 100 4.4 200 3.4 60 Light Green M14, M16B W14, W16B
13 2.9 75 2.6 130 3.1 50 Orange M12, M14B, M21N W12, W14B, W21N
14 3.0 60 2.2 105 2.5 10 Yellow M10, M12B W10, W12B
15 2.8 60 1.7 90 1.8 5 White M10B W10B

Day 1:                     Long Mynd    


Organiser:                       Lesley and Eric Brown (HOC),
phone 01694 724330 before 2100

Planner:                           Kerstin Mitchell (HOC)

Controller:                      Bob Brandon (OD)

 Terrain:                            The moorland of the Long Mynd is open with areas of heather and gorse over which competitors will be able to make good progress.  Courses have been planned to avoid the many areas of wet flush and ground nesting birds.  Competitors are asked to avoid running through the wet areas where at all possible as they will take a long time to recover.  There will be sheep and lambs all over the Long Mynd as well as many wild (docile) ponies.

Directions:                      The event will be signed from the village of Leebotwood on the A49.  Opposite The Pound Public House at SO 476988 (postcode of The Pound for satnav users is SY6 6ND) the route travels along Station Road (signposted Walkmills, Woolstaston). This road is narrow and single track in places.  Please be courteous to other road users.   The distance between the Pound and the Assembly Area is 3.2miles (5 km).  The Assembly Area grid reference is SO 434967.  Access to the grass car park for all vehicles is via a concrete track.

Car Parking:                    The parking field is well drained and normally used to graze sheep.  It slopes gently upwards from the access road, so cars will be parked facing down the slope for an easier exit.  If you plan to bring anything larger than a minibus, please contact the Organiser in advance.  The access road is used for both entrance and exit and so it will make life easier for the car parking team if you can arrive before 13:30.  No exit until 13:30.

Assembly:                       The Assembly Area is adjacent to the Car Park.

Club Tents:                     There is ample room for Club tents.

Registration:                  From 11:30

Starts:                               12:00 – 15:00

Courses close:               17:30

Dogs:                                 Allowed in the car park and assembly field and on the course – only on leads and strictly under control.

String Course:               Adjacent to the Assembly Area

Clothing dump:            None

Split Starts:                     The distance between the Finish and the Start is 600m.

Start:                                 There will be one common start for all courses.  The walk to the Start is 900m from Assembly Area gate and going close to the Finish, using a point marked with Runners Crossing signs.

Safety:                                  The route to the Start and from the Finish uses the access road for vehicles.  Mostly runners can use the grass verge but they will share a gate with the traffic.  Please take care. The route to the Start and from the Finish also crosses a public road.  While the traffic is anticipated to be light, runners must cross at the Runners Crossing signs.  Parents should emphasise this to their children.

There are several deep ponds on the Long Mynd and courses have been planned to avoid these.  All runners are asked to avoid running through the wet areas, and again courses have been planned to avoid these.

The Organiser may insist that cagoules and other protective equipment is worn and may prevent from starting anyone ill-equipped.

Nearest A&E hospital: Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY3 8XQ.  (01743 261000).

Finish:                              There is one remote Finish, 300m from Assembly Area gate.  The way back uses the road crossing point.

Drinks:                              Competitors are responsible for their own hydration pre and post event.

Acknowledgements:      The National Trust for allowing us to use the area for orienteering.

Andy Perry, the NT ecologist and Patrick Evans, NT Ranger, for their assistance during the run-up to the event.

Gerald Allsop for the use of his field for Assembly and parking.

Post Orienteering information:  The National Trust café in Cardingmill Valley is well worth a visit.

 Day 2:                   Nash Woods

 Organiser:                     Adrian Griffiths (WRE)    phone 07533203313

Planner:                         Adrian Pickles (WRE)

Controller:                    Robert Griffiths (MWOC)


Terrain:                          Nash Woods is a mixed woodland of coniferous and deciduous trees which is a working forestry woodland with a good track network with some steep sections in places and good runnable parts. The ridge runs west to east with the north side in Wales and the South side in England.

Directions:                    The event will be sign posted from the B4355 South of Presteigne, take the B4362 signed Walton .Follow Orienteering Signs to assembly area which is 1.5 miles from this roundabout junction and will be signed on the right hand side of the road. GR SO 30155 62099 Post code ref for Satnav is LD8 2LE.

Car Parking:                  The Car park at GR SO 30155 62099 is a field off the B4362 with a good gravel track running into it then an uneven surface across the field, please take care and travel slowly over this. Please car share if possible as parking will be tight. Large camper vans and Coaches cannot be catered for in this field.  Please contact organiser via email for an alternative solution.  No exit until 12:00

Assembly:                     This will be in the same field as the car parking, and will have toilets and traders. Please be aware of moving vehicles, and drivers please be aware of runners/pedestrians.

Registration:                From 9:30.

Starts:                             10:00 – 13:00.  The route to the start will be signed from the top gate, through the assembly area, and passes across the string course. Please give way to competitors on the string course and do not trip over the string. The start is approx. 2km from assembly along a marked route, which includes crossing a stile and so is not suitable for pushchairs. After crossing the stile please keep to single file across the field of silage. Please allow 20 minutes. There will be black bin bags at the start for those who wish to discard any drinks bottles etc.

Course close:               15:00

Dogs:                               Allowed in the car park but must be on a lead at all times at landlord’s request.

String Course:             String course will be signed from the field exit, approx. 60 m.  It will be open and manned from 11:00 to 13:30 after which it may still be in place but not manned.

Split Starts:                   Distance between Car park and Start is 2km with virtually no climb.  The route to the Start passes close to the Finish.

Start:                               One start for all courses signed from the Car park and taped – please allow 20 minutes.

Finish:                            The Finish is approx. 100 meters from assembly, there is room for club tents in this field along the run in to the finish.

Drinks:                            Competitors are responsible for their own hydration pre and post event.

Acknowledgements:       Natural Resource Wales. And in particular Sarah Hurford.
Terry Smith and Mid Wales Orienteering Club.
Sheila Goodwin, Farm landowner.
Graham Preece, Tenant farmer.
Bill Davis, Farm Landowner.

Day 3:                          Brampton Bryan 

Organiser:                             Andy Johnson (HOC)  Phone 07830 123843 before 2100 hrs

Planner:                                 David Williams (HOC)

Controller:                            Pete Ribbans (SWOC)


Terrain:                                  The woodland and parkland of Brampton Bryan looks great.  Only the most significant vegetation boundaries are mapped.  Out of bounds (OOB) areas are as marked on the map and all fields around the edge of the map are OOB.

Directions:                            The event will be signed from the A4113 in Brampton Bryan SO 370 725. The postcode for sat nav users is SY7 0DH. Access to the car park for all vehicles is via a minor road south out of the village – NOT the estate road. (Follow the signs for Aardvark Books).  The entrance to the car park is on the right after 0.5 miles out of the main village. Take care on entering and leaving the car park and be aware of pedestrians and stray animals.

Car Parking:                          The parking field is well drained and normally used to graze sheep. It slopes gently upwards from the gate, so cars will be parked facing down the slope towards the gate. Large vehicles will park at the bottom end of the field.  If you plan to bring anything larger than a minibus, please contact the Organiser in advance.  The same gate is used for both entrance and exit and so it will make life easier for the car parking team if you can arrive before 12.00 pm.  No exit until 12.00 pm.

Assembly:                             The Assembly Area is 400m from the gate at the top of the car park.  Those parked at the very bottom of the car park field will have an 800m walk.  Please follow the taped route from the car park to Assembly. If you are ready to go on arrival, you may walk directly to the Start, thereby missing the assembly area. This will be signed.

Please ensure that the gates from the car parking field are left shut to stop sheep wandering into the car park and potentially on to the lane. Please follow the taped routes and avoid walking on the estate road, as vehicles may be passing.

Registration:                        From 09:45

Starts:                                     10:00 – 13:00

Courses close:                     15:30

Dogs:                                       Allowed in the car park and assembly only on leads and strictly under control.  Sheep will be grazing with lambs in the park.

Junior Courses:                   Sections of the White and Yellow Courses will be marked with small stakes with white and/or yellow tape. There will be no Smiley/Frowning Faces.

String Course:                      Adjacent to the assembly area and the car park field.

Clothing dump:                   None.

Split Starts:                           The distance between the Finish and the Start is 1.8km with 170m of climb.

Start:                                       There will be one common start for all courses which is accessed across parkland and up a rough hilly track unsuitable for buggies.  The route to the Start is 1.6km, South-West from Assembly with 180m climb and will be marked by DayGlo Pink tape. Allowing 40-50 minutes to the Start should give time to enjoy the views, and to recover from oxygen-debt!  Please stay on the taped route from Assembly to a holding pen. All terrain outside this pen will be OOB until you start your run.

                                                  Warm up on the taped track en route. The track beyond the point where tapes lead competitors to the holding pen is OOB.
Crossing points                There are no compulsory fence or wall crossings and all fences may be crossed. There is only one marked crossing point where there is no stile – just a slightly lowered top wire and a wooden bar which will be padded.

There are many gates which must be left in their pre-event state to prevent sheep from wandering into the woods.  There will be a note at each outlining its state. Gates will be fitted with bungy loops to facilitate easier access.

There is a fragile gate which must not be crossed or opened. This will be signed with a crossing point nearby.

One fence, on the Black course, has rotten bases near to the crossing point and competitors should take care here.

The gardens of the house are OOB.

Safety:                                    There are deep ponds close to Assembly at Brampton Bryan and also a deep marsh, with quick mud.  Warning notices will be placed nearby with the marsh taped off with hazard tape.  En route from the car park to Assembly, there is a small but steep craggy area on where a notice will be displayed.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children are supervised at all times and do not play around these areas.

Do not climb or play on piles of timber or machinery. Be aware of steep slopes and crags in the competition area.

If lost set your compass North East to head back to Assembly.

Finish:                                     There is one Finish, which is approximately 300m west of Download/Assembly. There is no run in as competitors will approach the Finish from several directions.

Drinks:                                    Competitors are responsible for their own hydration pre and post event.  If you take your own to the Start, please empty bottles you are discarding before placing in a bin bag.

Acknowledgements:        The Harley Estate – for allowing us to use the area for orienteering and Richard Harris, tenant farmer, who has moved his sheep so that we may use the field for car parking. Special thanks to Mick Greenan, the Gamekeeper, for his helpful advice throughout the arrangement of this event.

Post Orienteering Info:   Aardvark Books, in Brampton Bryan is open at the weekend and is an Aladdin’s cave of new and second-hand books.  It also has a small café in the middle of the bookshop selling a range of teas, coffees and cakes, soups and croques messieurs.

9am – 3pm Bank Holiday Monday sees the popular Brocante sale with live music from Norrie Davies, fabulous antique and vintage stalls and homemade soup and cake! Normal opening hours are 9am-5pm weekdays, 10-5pm Saturdays, 10-4pm Sundays.
01547 530744



3 Days of Orienteering in Beautiful Shropshire