Final Details

Specific final details for Shrewsbury (Day 1) (pdf) updated 24th May

Specific final details for Brown Clee (Day 2) (pdf) issued 19th May

Specific final details for The Wrekin (Day 3) (pdf) updated 24th May 

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Download these details as a pdf.


 Start Times have been published on Fabian today, Wednesday 22nd May.

Changes to class or allocated start time can be requested up until 23.00 on Thursday 23rd May @ £3.60 per start time that needs amending.

To request a change please pay the relevant number of £3.60s using the Fabian4 Adhoc Payment link below and in the reason for payment box specify:

Entry number (from the start list
The requested change

Pay using

Please note that Start Times on Age related Classes at Brown Clee will not be changed on the day. If there is a problem, please e mail the Organiser.

Please also CHECK ON FABIAN THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE CORRECT COURSE as the Fabian Start List has what appear to be a number of anomalies.
We would remind you that to be eligible for the Midland Champs and/or UKOL you should have entered via your age class not a colour coded course.
Below we give some examples of the apparent anomalies. This is not a full list.
Shrewsbury Urban
An M21 on the M40+ course
A W55 on the Mens 55+ course
An M55 on the Womens 55+ course

Brown Clee
There are 2 M40s entered on the Black course rather than Age Class M40L which have the same course

The Wrekin
An M55 on the Green Womens Course
A W55 on the Green Mens Course

Road Access: Please respect other road users and residents in and around the competition areas to ensure we will be welcomed back in future.
Parking: On Day 1 in Shrewsbury parking will be in public carparks. On Days 2 and 3 car parking will be within farmer’s fields and parking must be at the marshals’ instructions.
Traders in the Assembly areas: On Day 1 in Shrewsbury it isn’t practical for the traders to attend. UltraSport, O-Nosh and Podium Catering will be present on Days 2 and 3.
Toilets: On Day 1 in Shrewsbury there are public toilets adjacent to the building that we will be using for Enquiries, Registration and Download. Spacemobiles will provide toilets at the Day 2 and 3 assembly areas.  There will not be toilets at the Starts.
Registration: On day 1 in Shrewsbury Enquiries, Registration, SI card hire and Download will be located in the Shropshire Wildlife Trust building. Please see the specific Day 1 Final Details for the address and directions. Enquiries, Registration, SI card hire and Download on Days 2 and 3 will be located within each day’s assembly area.
Entry on the Day: On Day 1, Shrewsbury and Day 3, The Wrekin, EOD will be available for all courses subject to map availability. On Day 2 Brown Clee EOD will only be available for the colour coded courses again subject to map availability.
Electronic punching: SportIdent electronic punching will be used as usual for SINS but for the first time controls will be SIAC enabled for all 3 days.
SI cards are available for hire at £1 per day for Seniors and Free for Juniors.  Those of you who have pre-booked SI cards can collect them from the Enquiries/Registration area each day. Should you lose your SI card, or fail to return it, you will be charged the full price of a replacement (currently £40).  You are advised to bring some twine or very thin cord to make a wrist loop for your SI card.
The hired SI cards will be standard SI cards and are non SIAC.
Please ensure that you are aware of the Start requirements and Finish requirements for each particular day.
For those using SIAC cards please note that you will need to PUNCH the finish control on all three days. It will not be in beacon mode.
Start procedure: Please ensure that you are familiar with the Start procedure for each particular day. It is your responsibility to ensure you pick up the correct map and please make sure you only pick one up.
Split Starts: These will be available for EOD.  Pre entered families should have pre-booked their split times.
Whistles: These are compulsory at all WMOA events and will be checked at the start.  Failure to comply with the whistle requirement will result in you not being allowed to run.
All maps are printed on waterproof paper. They will not be bagged.
Loose description sheets will be available in the start lanes.
Maps will not be collected at the finish but please do not show your map to other competitors who have yet to run.
White and Yellow Maps:
These maps will be made available to young and inexperienced orienteers before they step into the start box.  The Start team will be able to help if needed.
OOB areas:
as indicated on the map.
Control Descriptions:
These will be provided in the Start lanes.
Shadowing Juniors:
Juniors may be shadowed on all courses on Day 1, Shrewsbury and Day 3, The Wrekin.  On Day 2 at Brown Clee shadowing is allowed on the colour coded courses but not on the age related (championship) courses. To remain competitive, any adult who shadows a junior must have completed their run beforehand.
Control Sites:
If you discover you have punched the wrong control, ignore the mistake and continue to the correct control. Similarly if you punch out of sequence, the error will be ignored providing you go back and subsequently re-punch in the correct sequence. Each control site will have a manual punch in line with BOF Guidelines.
SI Download:
After PUNCHING the finish control you must download as soon as possible.  Hired SI cards will be collected from you at the end of your hire period.
These will be displayed in the assembly area for each day.  The SINS web site will have the previous days’ results.
First Aid:
Members of WRE and HOC who have completed the Outdoor First Aid course.
The nearest full emergency hospital for Day 1, Shrewsbury Urban is Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XQ.  There is a hospital car park with a parking fee payable.
The nearest full emergency hospital for Day 2, Brown Clee and Day 3, The Wrekin is Princess Royal Hospital, Grainger Drive, Telford TF1 6TF. There is a hospital car park with a parking fee payable.
A “Hospital” sheet will be available with addresses, phone numbers and route maps for each hospital.  Collect one if needed from the First Aid point.
All competitors must have full leg cover for the cross country events on Days 2 and 3 at Brown Clee and The Wrekin, as per BOF rules.  In the event of bad weather competitors may be required to carry a cagoule.  If required a “Cagoules Compulsory” notice will be displayed on the way to the start leaving the assembly area. Failure to comply with any of the clothing requirements will result in you not being allowed to run.
Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave car keys (or some treasured object) suitably labelled, or enveloped, with your name at Enquiries.  All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.
Brown Clee in particular is sheep country and ticks could be present. Check over your whole body after competing and again over the next few days. Pick off unattached ticks by hand. Any biting ticks should be carefully removed with tweezers or a tick removing tool. If any bites become inflamed obtain medical advice. Tick bites could be a source of Lyme Disease.
Club tents:
There is plenty of room for tents in the assembly areas at Brown Clee and The Wrekin.  Please  do not obstruct any public footpaths or bridleways which may run through the assembly and finish areas. 
String Courses:
There will be coloured wrist bands for those successfully completing the String courses on Days 2 and 3.  Come and collect the different colours.
SINS Medals: This year, for competitors attending all three days, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed competitors for the overall results of the 3 days combined, for all age classes from M/W 10 to M/W90.
For further details see the ‘Medals’ tab under the ‘Events Details’ section of the website.
Medals will be presented as soon as possible on Monday at The Wrekin event, close to the building being used for Download. We will aim for 13.30.
SINS Social Evening:
A SINS social evening has been arranged for the evening of Sunday 26th May. This will be held at Orleton Village Hall and include a Ceilidh band, a quiz and a bar.
For further details see the ‘SINS Social Evening’ tab under the ‘Events Details’ section of the website.
Tickets can be booked via Fabian and unsold tickets will be available from the Enquiries desk on Day 1 at Shrewsbury and Day 2 at Brown Clee.

3 Days of Orienteering in Beautiful Shropshire