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Provisional Details for SINS 2021

With the Covid 19 situation improving we are hopeful that we will be able to hold orienteering events over the traditional SINS weekend of the late May Bank Holiday.

Obviously this will be subject to the restrictions / guidance in place at the time.

Planning is proceeding on the following basis.

Our current plan is to hold 2 events rather than the normal 3.

Saturday 29th May would be on Corndon Hill with Sunday 30th May on the adjacent Stapeley / Rorrington.

These are located 5 miles North of Bishops Castle.

Car parking would be in the same field for both days.

A potential problem is that the England / Wales border bisects the area with Corndon and the car parking field in Wales and Stapeley / Rorrington in England.

So both the English and Welsh restrictions will have to permit the events for them to proceed.

The events will be Level C with 8 colour coded courses. Entry will be online to enable us to control the number of entrants in accordance with any restrictions / guidance applicable at the time.

The Midland Area Long Distance Championships were due to be incorporated into day 2 of SINS and we are investigating whether this can still be accommodated. However this will require a number of relaxations to the BOF rules for Area Championships.

We will provide a further update in approx. 2 weeks time around the 31st March.

Provisional Day 1 and Day 2 Results

By the wonders of mobile networks (and Huawei mobile WiFi router!) the provisional results have been posted from Monstay Farm to the web site here. Andy Johnson has made his photographs available here.

Full results, including uploading to BOF site for rankings and UKOL, UKUL, Winsplits and Routegadget will be made available just as soon as I get home tomorrow evening.

I hope you have all enjoyed SINS2019.

Mike Farrington (HOC) Webmaster and Si team leader.


M54 Roadworks

There are ongoing road works and barrier repairs taking place on the M54 motorway. Most of the work is taking place overnight. However there may be lane closures on the main carriageway and slip roads which could cause delays to people using the M54 when travelling to and from the event this weekend.

Please check travel updates if you think you may be affected by these road works.

Check your entry now!

After the closing date (2359 on 19th May) Fabian will charge you £3.60 should you wish to change your entry details.  So, to avoid an almighty rush at our on-the-day registration desk, we too will charge you £3.60 if you wish to change your details at the events!  With a large number of runners already confirmed spare time slots may be difficult to find on some courses.  So please let Fabian know NOW – all Fabian amendments are free until midnight on Sunday 19th May – about any changes you wish to make before the system allocates the time you originally asked for!  You have a choice of V Early, Early, Middle, Late, V Late or Any for all three events.

The aim is to publish Start Times on Fabian by 06.00 on Wednesday 22nd May.

Changes can only be requested via Fabian up to 23.00 on Thursday 23rd May.

Please note that Start Times on Age related Classes at Brown Clee will not be changed on the day. If there is a problem, please e mail the Organiser.

Please also CHECK ON FABIAN THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE CORRECT COURSE as the Fabian Start List has what appear to be a number of anomalies.

We would remind you that to be eligible for the Midland Champs and/or UKOL you should have entered via your age class not a colour coded course.

Below we give some examples of the apparent anomalies. This is not a full list.

Shrewsbury Urban

An M21 on the M40+ course
A W55 on the Mens 55+ course
An M55 on the Womens 55+ course

Brown Clee

There are 2 M40s entered on the Black course rather than Age Class M40L which have the same course

The Wrekin

An M55 on the Green Womens Course
A W55 on the Green Mens Course