The Wrekin

SINS Day 3 – Monday 27th May
Middle Distance Race
Part of the UKOL

Organisers: Adrian Griffiths, Diane Jacks  WRE
Planner: Adrian Pickles WRE
Controller: Andrew Yeates WCH

Start times 10:00 to 13:00

Course closing time: 14:30

The Wrekin (pronounced REE-KIN) is a relatively small hill in Shropshire. It rises to a height of 407 metres (1,335 feet) prominently above the Shropshire Plain. There are fantastic views from the summit. It stands at the Northern tip of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Parts of it are protected as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and on top is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Wrekin Summit

The Iron Age hill fort on the summit was built around 400BC by the Cornovii tribe, and extends to almost 20 acres. Around the 12th Century the hill became known as the forest of Mount Gilbert, and by the 14th Century had become a royal deer park. There is still a substantial wild deer herd on the Wrekin today. The famous Ironbridge gorge is just to the south, and charcoal burning platforms associated with early industry in the gorge can be found on The Wrekin.

The summit of The Wrekin is open grassland with fragments of heathland. Below is a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees which includes lovely oak woodland on the north side. The forest is quite runnable and can be traversed by contouring (particularly higher up) where it is steepest, through re-entrants, rock outcrops and numerous charcoal burning platforms. Some of the plantations lower down have brambles which are not likely to be passable in May.

Wrekin Woodland

The Wrekin was the reserve area for The JK 2018.

3 Days of Orienteering in Beautiful Shropshire