Brown clee

SINS Day 2 – Sunday 26th May
Midland Area Long Distance Orienteering Championships
Part of the UKOL

Preliminary Details as at March 2019

*Please read these details in conjunction with the information provided for all 3 days of SINS.*


Organiser Lesley Brown (HOC)
01694 724330 before 21:00
PlannerBarry Houghton (HOC)
ControllerJeff Baker (LOC)
Safety OfficerEric Brown (HOC)


Brown Clee is located between Ludlow and Bridgnorth and is within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding National Beauty.

The top of Brown Clee at 540m is the highest point in Shropshire.

The competition area will predominantly be on the Burwarton Estate with some courses going onto the adjoining Commoners land.

Brown Clee is a large and complex area, which makes it ideal for a major orienteering event. It comprises an elongated hill with two summits and the competition area consists of a mixture of woodland of varying age, runability and complexity, together with plantations, rough open, marshy areas and exposed moorland. There are well defined networks of paths, rides and tracks in some of the area while mining on the two summits, old earthworks, pits, spoil heaps and parallel stream valleys and re-entrants have left tricky contour detail.

Brown Clee was used for the British Orienteering Championships in 2016.

Midland Area Championships

To be eligible to win one of the Midland Area Championships trophies you must be a member of British Orienteering, registered via one of the clubs which are part of either WMOA, EMOA or EAOA and enter your appropriate E/L/A Age Class.  Competitors may run up a Class. This will then make them eligible for the Midland Area Championship in that class as long as they satisfy the other requirements given above.  There will be no entry for these Courses after the closing date. 

Apart from seeded competitors, Start times will be allocated according to your chosen Start block and will be published on Fabian4.

In accordance with BOF Rules it will be a timed Start not a punching Start.

Start times will NOT be changed.

Course closing time will be 15:00. If you think you may take more than 1.5 hours for your course then please bear this in mind when requesting start times.

Non-Championship  courses

Colour coded Courses (White to Black) will be available by pre-entry on Fabian4 and by EOD, subject to map availability.
These will not form part of either the Midland Area Championships or UKOL.

Course Details

Subject to final planning and controlling the course lengths and climb details are as follows.

Course Length (Km)Climb (m) Nominal Colour
M21E 115.6425
M20E, M18E
M35L, M40L, M21L
W21E 210.2305 Black
M45L, M50L 39.0255 Brown
M55L, M18L, M20L
W21L 48.3240
56.8205 Short Brown
M35S, M40S W20E, W18E
W35L, W40L
W45L, W50L 76.0180
M50S, M55S, M20S, M18S
W21S, W20L, W18L, W16A
85.3165 Blue
95.1140 Short Blue
M65S W65L,W70L
W40S, W45S, W50S
10 4.4125 Green
W20S, W18S, W55S, W60S
11 3.7120 Short Green
M85, M90
W65S, W70S, W75S
12 3.170 Very Short Green
W85, W90 13 1.750
M14A, M16B   14 5.2150
W14A, W16B 15 3.7110 Light Green
M12A, M14B W12A, W14B 16 3.8105 Orange
M10A,M12B W10A,W12B 17 3.270 Yellow
M10B W10B 18 2.255 White


The approach to the event is from the B4364 Bridgnorth – Ludlow road just north of Burwarton village SO 618 852 (post code for satnav users is WV16 6QQ.)  This is a narrow and winding road and will require care particularly at the entrance location where sight lines are not ideal. Please heed signs on approach to the entrance.

Car Parking

On entering the estate you should follow the signs until reaching the marshals. The parking and Arena is in the field used for parking at BOC2016. Trakmatting will be used on entry to the field. Our reserve parking is approximately 1Km from the Arena. In the event of bad weather, please check the website. In the event of bad weather, a Marquee for competitor changing and shelter will be provided.

If you intend bringing a vehicle larger than a small camper van, please contact the Organiser. Overnight parking will not be allowed.

The exit route from the estate will follow estate roads to a point on the B4364 where the visibility is better, and therefore safer, in both directions. Please obey the marshals’ instructions at all times.


View from the Arena field

The Arena is adjacent to the Car Park and includes a Marquee which will house:Download, First Aid and Enquiries:

  • Hired Si-card collection
  • Registration for colour coded entry on the day
  • Queries regarding SINS Day 3
  • Vehicle key drop off
  • Lost/found children and property
  • Trophy return (trophies, clearly marked with name and class, should be returned to Enquiries before you go for your race.)
  • Lodging complaints and protests

The estate is used by walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers.  There is a public right of way through the Arena.  Signs alerting the public to the event have been displayed at entry points.  Please be courteous to all other users at all times.


10:30 to 13:30

Note: in accordance with BOF rules for a Major Area Championship it will be a timed start not a punching start.
Start times will NOT be changed.
Please therefore bear this in mind together with the distance to the start when selecting your preferred Start Time block on entering via Fabian4.

String Course

Adjacent to the Arena.

Split Starts

The Finish is in the Arena and the distance to the Start is 1.1Km


The Start is 1.1Km from the Arena with 80m of climb.

3 Days of Orienteering in Beautiful Shropshire